Spices are defined as any of a various pungent, aromatic plant substance that is primarily used to flavor food or beverages. They are also commonly used as condiments to add zest and/or flavor. India is traditionally renowned for the source of various spices. Skystar Exports Pvt. Ltd. has access to the limitless supply of high-quality spices and can offer them at exceptional pricing. We are directly involved in the processing of many spices. We ensure proper handling and care to guarantee our spices retain its original flavoring, color, and aroma. Additionally, we utilize cutting-edge technology and stringent quality control so our products maintain excellence in quality.
Some of our offered Spices are as
Coriander Seeds,
Cumin Seeds,
Fenugreek Seeds,
Black Pepper,
Fennel Seeds,
Mint powder,
Dry Mango Powder,
Tamarind Seed less or with 30% seeds

All Spices are available in the form/varieties of – Whole Seeds, Crushed, Powder and Blended

Mix. OR Prepared Spices

We also offer Mix/Prepared/blended Spices With best authentic flavor and traditional taste which gives best to your dishes, preparation and salads.

*Available in small pouches and boxes and bulk packing also.

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