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    Natural Sesame Seeds: Sesame seed is seed of sesamum indicum pedaliaceae family. Seeds origin from top quality soil. It is carefully cleaned before it is hulled or sold. It is extensively used for the application in bakery products such as bread, bread sticks, cookies, candies, pasta, vegetables and curry dishes. The taste of roasted sesame seeds has wide applications in food industries including chocolate, ice-cream and halva. As it is cholesterol free so being used in health food industries

    Available varieties are:-Natural Sesame Seeds [99/1 - 99.90%], [99/1/1], [98/2 - 99.90% Pure], [98/2/2]
    Natural Sesame seeds Specifications:
    Natural Sesame Seeds
    99/1 – 99.90
    White Seeds
    99.90% Min.
    99 % Min.
    98% Min.
    Dark Color Seeds
    1% Max
    1% Max
    2% Max
    Impurities (Foreign Matters)
    0.10% Max
    1 % Max
    2% Max
    Oil Content (on clean seed basis)
    Packing: 50 Kg PP bags or as per buyer’s requirement.
    White Hulled Sesame Seeds: - Skystar Exports offers Hulled Sesame Seed processed with hi-tech machines in most hygienic conditions. Our hi-tech process preserves all the natural richness and flavors of the seed. Hulled sesame seed has wider application for topping on Hamburger buns. This product is also used in bakery and confectionery industries. Hulled Sesame Seeds also has an application for creamy sweet wholesome paste called Tahini.

    Available varieties are: Hulled Sesame Seeds [Auto / Mech. Dried - 99.95% Pure-Sortex], [Sun Dried - 99.95% Pure - Sortex], [Sun Dried - 99.90% Pure], [99.90 to lower up to 90.00% as per buyer requirement]

    White Hulled Sesame Seeds Specification:
    Hulled Sesame Seeds VARIETIES / GRADES
    SPECIFICATIONS Sun Dried,    Auto Dried (Also called Mech. Dried.)
    Purity 99% Min.,    99.95% Min.
    Dark Color Seeds 0.10% ,     0.05% Max.
    Admixture 5% Max,       5%
    Packing: 25 Kg 4 Ply paper craft bags and as per buyer’s requirement.
    BLACK SESAME SEEDS: available in 99/1/1 & 98/2/2 Qualities.

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