Today's consumers demand quality, so that they get with best quality products from Skystar Exports. Our premium quality rice combined with your private label is a guarantee that your customers will buy your products time and again, building your brand equity.

As the India's leading company of rice, Skystar Exports is positioned to meet all of your private label needs for the all kind of Rice and other food products.

Skystar Exports offers private label packaging of food commodities for any local, regional and national distributors' private food label. Private label products include Basmati rice, Non basmati rice, Sesame seeds, Peanuts, Spices, Pulses, Tea other food and related products.

We want to work with you on your private label food products. Together we can meet the demands of your customers and measurably build your brand equity.
Our facilities allow flexibility in pack sizes and food packaging materials including poly bags, cartons and plastic jugs.
We assure you that you would get benefits with Private labels like reliability of deliveries, consistency of product quality, value for money, to develop your own label brand, new product development.
Private label is endless and endlessly exciting for retailers. It is not what you can supply, but how much added value you bring. The volumes are high, the possible earnings are high. But the risks are also high.”
If you want to become a supplier or distributor eventually, you should have your own brand. One of our greatest competitors took this route.

Having your own brand has a lot of positives but along with the benefits comes a lot more responsibilities.

Packing options for Private labels:-
We use special natural white double wharp hessian bags with excellent multi color printing on both sides, which is more attractive and presentable than ordinary brown bags. The sizes available are as follows

Single/double hessian bags of 40 Kg / 45 Kg / 50 Kg.

05 Kg/10 Kg/20 Kg hessian Bags with or without handles packed in Master 40 kg Hessian or PP Bags

Cotton Bags
We have a quality range of white/grey cotton bags in multi color printing with optional handles / zippers for smaller bags up to 10 Kg.

Single / double white or grey cotton bags of 40 Kg / 45 Kg / 50 Kg with inner PP or light hessian.

05 Kg/10 Kg/20 Kg hessian bags with or without handles packed in Master 40 kg Hessian or P.P. Bags

we can supply rice in small consumer packs such as Ply jars, polyethylene bags/card-board boxes with/without windows & paper bags, which is also available in different ranges from 250 grams up to 2 Kg on request.

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