We are supplying all types of Indian Tea like BP, BOP, CTC, PF, PD to all over the world in packing of 20 KGS,  25 KGS,  30  KGS in bulk (bag and wooden tea chest) & in consumer packs of 100 GMS, 200 GMS, 250 GMS, 450 GMS, 500 GMS, 1 KG etc.

Quality and variety of our products have endeared them to the customers world-wide.

Our Variety of Tea:

  • Black Tea
  • Green Tea
  • Flavored Tea             
  • Tea Bags
  • Assam CTC Tea
  • Herbal Slimming Tea
  • Ayurvedic Tea

    Assam Orthodox Tea: Carefully selected, orthodox whole leaf is our tribute to the tea connoisseurs. Only first two leaves are hand picked from the tea garden that is processed using the finest techniques that is essential for the perfect cup.

    Orthodox teas SHOULD NOT BE BOILED AS A CHAI ABOVE. They must be steeped (infused) according to individual taste preferences. Orthodox tea is the top two leafs of each plant. These two leaves produce the best quality tea leaf. We use only these leaves in all our tea products. Since tea plucking is still done by hand, it is possible to select these two leaves.

    Assam CTC Tea (Crush, Tear and Curl)
    :- CTC teas are fine and granular; they steep readily in 2 to 3 minutes and are ideal for blending, especially for tea bags. This type of tea is chosen for a quick brew, colorful liquor and strength.

    CTC teas are, for the most part, consumed in the India domestic market primarily because making tea in the India method is done by boiling leaves in a mixture of milk, water and sugar and some spices and the CTC teas produce a rich red color when they are boiled, thus adding a beautiful color which comes through the white of the milk but yet does not produce a bitterness (in that preparation).

    Tea Bags:
    We are also exporting tea in the form of tea bags, both soft tagged and hard tag tea bags. We are using high quality tea dust and PF, hygienically packed. The filter papers of these bags are hygienic and of the good quality. When immersed the same in hot water even up to 10 hours, it will not break or loosen its strength and identity. We export the tea bags in attractive packets containing tea bags numbering 25, 50, 100, & 200 in each packet. Each tea bag weighs 2 GMS

    Few Reasons Why One Should Drink Tea

    It is a natural, safe & pure drink free of fat, calories or sodium.
    It banishes drowsiness, stimulates the thinking and improves memory.
    It lowers the risk of cancer.
    It lowers the risk of cardio-vascular diseases.
    It improves the fight against viral diseases.
    It prevents infection.
    It improves dental health and bone density.
    It is Refreshing and relaxing.
    It improves blood circulation & thereby maintaining the glow of skin......
    Above all, it strengthens friendship and goodwill.

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